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CPESN® USA is the nation’s first Accountable Pharmacy Organization (APO). RxSelect CPESN® is one of over 50 geographically diverse, local CPESN® pharmacy networks that comprise the CPESN® clinically integrated network with a unique focus on patient outcomes. RxSelect CPESN® high-performing pharmacies are held accountable to produce clinical outcomes and are willing to receive payment using alternative, value-based payment models. Working with healthcare leaders who value partnerships with pharmacists, RxSelect CPESN® pharmacies effectively deliver enhanced patient care services locally.

CPESN® pharmacies go far beyond medication dispensing. Utilizing principles of the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process, every CPESN® pharmacy delivers clinical services using network standards and documents care provided through an HL7 Pharmacist eCare Plan. Pharmacists focus on the management of chronic disease states such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and mental health. They identify health concerns, work with patients to establish goals of therapy, change behaviors, and track and follow up on clinical markers. The Pharmacist eCare Plan Initiative focuses on the capture and exchange of standardized pharmacy data across all practice settings, supported by the Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative.

For community pharmacies: To apply for RxSelect CPESN® membership, please email: credentialing@alignrx.org.

For health plans or care providers: To contact RxSelect CPESN regarding program development, implementation, and contracting, please email: cpesn@alignrx.org.

  • Care management models
  • Comprehensive medication reviews
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Medication synchronization
  • Immunization administration

CPESN® Care Model

Invested in Care Planning